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Janet Russell was burning the candle at both ends. By day, a music producer and voice coach, by night a singer in a vocal show group, her shedule was a killer. Between work and family commitments something had to give. Is this a midlife crisis? Emphatically, YES, but, happily, there is a cure! The charm, mystery and madness of the world’s most exotic city has the power to revitalize and refresh even the most jaded, stressed-out, workaholic. Once upon a time …

Janet began her adventures in Paris, traveling alone in the summer of 1996. She arrived with very little French and too many suitcases, but during her visit she fell madly in love with the "city of lights", vowing to claim the beautiful ville as her own. Crazy? Melodramatic? A bit. But in the years that followed, Janet wheedled and cajoled herself into French life. She acquired two apartments in Paris, a singing engagement, voice students and dozens of interesting French friends from all walks of life. She lives in Paris three months out of the year, giving vocal workshops and recording music for her new play “Golden Gate to Paris.”

In her passion to know Paris, Janet made lots of mistakes and has lived to tell about them. Although her French has improved greatly since the beginning, she still blushes when she recalls the very proper gentlemen whom she thought she'd invited to have coffee at the airport (Orly), when, in fact, she'd asked him to have coffee in bed (au lit) !! All the while, she's taking notes to make sure you don't suffer the same embarrassing moments ... her presentation on "survival French" and cultural do's and don'ts is an absolute MUST.

Learning the Paris metro system

Understanding the three kinds of French kisses can be as critical as knowing which metro stations to avoid late at night. Circumvent the pitfalls of "the ugly American" and find out that the French aren't rude at all and that they adore Americans. (Yes, they do!) Learn the magic words to get off on the right foot with the French people. The first word out of your mouth can determine a positive or negative outcome.

Janet's story is not all adventure and romance, however. Her teaching background has driven her to document the hard facts and pass the knowledge on to wary travelers. With lots of visual aids including maps, photos, brochures, and coupons, Janet shows you how to master the Parisien experience the first time around. Whether you are relocating to a Parisen flat or simply want to maximize a week in a great hotel, she has information and contacts to spare.

"Have Your Midlife Crisis in Paris"® is a funny, lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek presentation providing informative and practical insight into successful vacationing in Paris, France. You'll learn just enough basic French to avoid the obvious faux pas and ensure a warm reception by les Parisiens. You’ll discover hotel and restaurant discounts along with some hints for finding some great bargains in Paris. You’ll make friends and have access to special contacts in Paris that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Janet's Paris can be presented in a concise 30-45 minute luncheon lecture, a full day workshop, or a series of classes totaling 10 hours. A shorter presentation can focus on practical information, cultural differences or entertainment, while the longer sessions can leave you feeling securely knowledgeable and ready to jump on that plane. Whether you are a first time visitor with no French language skills or a fluent, seasoned traveler, you'll benefit from the experience of one woman's continuing addiction to Paris ... city of lights and love.

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Register online for "Have Your Midlife Crisis in Paris"®

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