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"Have Your Midlife Crisis in Paris"® is a funny, lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek presentation providing informative and practical insight into successful vacationing in Paris, France. Taught by Janet Russell, the 4 week lecture series begins Schedule TBD.
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  Have Your Midlife Crisis in Paris®   Schedule TBD. Tour is fully escorted by Janet Russell.  

"GOLDEN GATE TO PARIS" a French/English musical is our newest collaboration. Listen to or purchase our new cd single "First Hello, Last Goodbye".

Private voice lessons in Paris, France

Get ready to sing along at the French cabarets. Karaoke!  Search by title and artist for your favorite French chansons.  . 

We are accepting demo packages for male and female French Singers/Actors for recordings and shows in San Diego, California. Click here to audition  

Keep current on the latest events at Artistic Travel. See our Press Releases. 

If you have a trip scheduled to Paris, click here to register for the Swiss Replica Watches Soir?e Fran?aise
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